Thursday, June 4, 2009

Warming Things Up

It's been a while since I have posted anything, but I have been swamped with a project that I will not yet reveal to you until sometime in August. Here is a small task I took on recently. We have a traditional home and on the front porch we have 2 porch swings and 2 rockers. One of each on either side of the front door. One day I decided the furniture on the front porch could use some warming up, it needed pillows! So, I ran up to the attic and got down the some scrap fabric I had from another project, ran to Ross and bought some down decorative pillows to use for my pillow forms, and a then went to Hancock Fabrics for some zippers. One evening cut out all the fabric and the next evening during Grey's Anatomy sewed them all up! So, presto-change-o, we now have pillows we don't NEED for the front porch!

This week I decided the back porch needed warming up too. So, when I was at Canton on Sunday I bought some new wire plant stands to mix in with some other pots I already had. Took a trip to the plant farm south of town with the kids and again presto-change-o, a nice inviting back porch retreat. . . until the Texas sized mosquitoes come to make themselves at home there! :(

I really thing I could use a rug back here to finish warming things up! Haven't convinced the husband of that yet! In due time, my friend! :)
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