Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Decorating (Do I really have enough to even call it that?)

I hate to disappoint you all, but this is it! This is all the Easter decorating I do! It's practically nonexistent!

Do you remember this scale from Christmas? It had red ornaments in it back then. Well, it has fake eggs in it for Easter! Orignal, right???

By my laundry room there are some cubbies that we put our shoes in and hang our backpacks, etc. in. Well above the hooks we have these little cubbies I have never put anything in yet. So, I put all of the cute little stuffed bunnies and chicks we have gotten from grandparents and other loved ones over the years.

It is all kinda tucked away from the world, yet the kids can enjoy all that the pastels have to offer during this holiday! Do you decorate for Easter and if so do you do a bunch?

Do you have the "Right Stuff" to be "Hangin Tough"?

In early March I went to a New Kids On The Block concert! When I was a preteen, I was in LOVE with them! I had the posters, buttons, VHS, cassettes, t-shirts, sheets, and even a Jordan Knight doll!

Back in the day I went to two concerts and I looked back at my pictures from those concerts and let me just say digital cameras take way better photos than 110 film cameras! Do you remember those?

Still crazy as ever here! I remember every penny I used to get for birthdays, washing cars, etc. went to buying all my N.K.O.T.B. gear! These days I spend all my money on shoes, clothes, and house stuff! My how things have changed.

Here is a picture of Jordan Knight! He still sings he'll be loving me forever! Remember that song?

Where you a fan of N.K.O.T.B. Which one of the five was your favorite?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We were invited to the Carnival of Venice Women's Symphony League Benefit Ball this past Friday night. People ware encouraged to wear Venetian masks. I decided to make my own to match my dress instead of buying one. So, I took a plain plastic mask from Hobby Lobby and went to work. I first started by gluing some scrap silk dupioni to the front of the mask. I had this in my fabric bucket from another project from years ago.

Then presto change-o. I added feathers, trim, sequins, ribbon, a stick and some beads and there you go!

I think it turned out nice for never having mad a mask before.

When I was a kid I used to craft things out of beads with my Maw Maw as a hobby. This is my Maw Maw that passed away last fall. When I went for a visit to see my Paw Paw the other day, I found these beads in here bead closet that is still just like it was. My mom said I could have some for my mask project. The beads added that special touch to it!

Who is that masked beauty?

There you have it my mask for the Symphony Ball. I wonder what the theme will be next year????

Pillow Parade

So, Kari & Kijsa are hosting a pillow parade that I found out about on Girly Stuff's blog. So, I decided to join the parade.

I have a ton of pillows I really love in my house for many different reasons. I just picked a few to share with you today.

This is one of two pillows like this in my guest bedroom. The quilt on this bed was made by my husband and yours truly years ago. When we moved into this house we had a seamstress turn the quilts into duvet covers and in the process I had her tear apart two shams I had made with this center hidden star and make two new shams using scrap fabric from the drapes and bedskirt! I really love this one and I love that there is an identical one to it on the bed beside it! Twice the enjoyment! :)

Now this is one of the pillows on my couch in my living room! I love it too because it has scrap fabric from the shower curtain in my guest bathroom on the back side, scrap fabric from the curtains in that living room, scrap fabric from chairs I had reupholstered in my bedroom, and I ordered a yard of the fabric my couch was made out of and that fabric is on there too! I also like that it have our family monogram on it!

This one is in the living room too in a recliner and it has the same scrap fabrics on it just all arranged differently!

The big euro pillow in the back in this picture is on of Baby Girl's three euros. This one I like because it is different than the other two and it has her monogram on it! I also love the little rose flower pillow that was $6 at Ross! :)

I really like all of Baby Girl's pillows on her bed so here they all are for you to see! In case you are wondering my 5 year old is trained to put her pillows on her bed exactly like this! She is a natural!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mulberry Transferware

I have to say I absolutely love my Brown Transferware that I will share with you later, but I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, Love my Mulberry Transferware more! I don't have very much of it, but what I have I adore!

They call it Mulberry Transferware, but it is really a black color.

It all dates back to the late 1800's and it is harder to find than Brown Transferware and Flow Blue Transferware. I lucked out and found a lady that had downsized and needed to unload a few pieces of it! Five pieces to be exact :)
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