Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Closer Look

Ok, here we go. Let's take a closer looks at the vintage baby shower I shared with you the other day. These next few things have to be some of my favorite things. They can be used for baby showers, wedding showers, a girly luncheon, or whatever.

Notice the tall stack of plates behind the cake to your left. . . . .

I have been collecting dinner plates, salad plates, and dessert plates for nearly 2 years. They are all different patterns. My rule for collecting them is they have to be white/cream with pastel flower patterns on them. I have found them at Round Top, Canton, & Resale Shops. It's so much fun hunting for these treasures. This baby shower was my first opportunity to use them! It was so much fun! I have enough of each plate right now for 26 people. My goal is 30 so just a few more to go!

Rose growing is very popular this time of year where I live. People just sell them on the side of the road and it's only $2.50 a dozen. So, for my project I needed 9 dozen roses!

So, at the biannual Barn Sale one year I bought 3 candelabras like this one. I had a great idea a few weeks before the shower. I wanted to find pegged votive holders to put in the candle stick area. Easier said than done. Finally found enough online and had them sent to me.

Instead of putting a votive in the pegged votive holders, I had this idea to put roses in them. I think it turned out pretty cute! What do you think?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Vintage Baby Shower For Baby Ben

So, It's been a while since I have posted anything! Summer has been so wild and crazy. Nothing has changed it's still wild and crazy but I've been dying to post. Let's go back to June! In June some of us girls threw Baby Momma a baby shower at my house. I love parties! I love planning them and having them at my house!

This is a small cradle my friend had and we put diapers in it and let the guest draw pictures, write comments on the diapers for Baby Momma to enjoy when diapering little Ben.

Kitchen table before vintage shower makeover . . .

Kitchen table after vintage shower makeover!

A closer look!

Even closer!

Vintage baby scale that belongs to my friend. It's been in her family for years!

Vintage baby scale with bread in it!

Vintage baby scale with real baby :)

Next post I hope to take a closer look at some of the details from the shower! I hope this will do for now! I miss you all! Hopefully I won't wait so long before the next post!
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