Saturday, January 23, 2010

Brown Transferware

It's been a while since I have had a change to post anything. I totally dropped the ball on posting a few Christmas projects. I will save them for the 2010 holiday season! So, I decided it was time to share some of my other collections! I collect brown transferware! It all started with this set of brown transferware that my mom had when I was a kid! She passed it on to me! Funny thing is I hated it when I was a kid! I thought it was UGLY and know I appreciate it and value it like I never thought I would!

I have the transferware from my mom in the kitchen area! It is in the small hutch you saw in the first picture. The hutch belonged to my husband's grandmother. I also have some of the transferware behind a glass cabinet in the kitchen.

Here I have some of the serving pieces hanging on a wall in the kitchen. I love this stuff!

Here is a mixture of 2 pattens that hang in my bathroom. The small ones with more white on them are small bowls! Many of these came from The Gresham Barn Sale I am always talking about.

This pattern of transferware hangs over my magazine/book holder in my toilet area! These came from Roundtop!

This little trio came from the Barn Sale too many years ago! They hang to the left of a mirror in my bathroom!

These are 3 of my favorite and they hang above my nightstand. I have the same three handing above my husband's nightstand also! So, there you have it. . . another thing I like to collect and collects dust! :)
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