Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tub Time Continued...

Last post I share several photos of ET and Baby Girl's bahtroom. I mentioned that there was more to tell about the ladybug are hanging above the potty. So, here it the rest of the story. . .

I found the perfect fabric for ET & Baby Girl's shower curtain. It it had frogs and ladybugs on it! I thought how perfect it would be for a shared boy/girl bathroom! Notice that the ladybugs are not your typical fire engine red color. They are more of a rusty red color. As I shopped for some kind of art or accessories that had ladybugs on it, all I could find where fire engine red lady bugs. The muted green frogs were easy to find. One day Daddy was picking ET & Baby Girl up at the church nursery and he noticed lady bug art made out of the children's thumb prints. So, we stole the idea and made our own ladybug art with a rust colored red paint that matched the shower curtain ladybugs perfectly! One frame has ET and Daddy's thumbprints in it and the other frame has mine and Baby Girl's! It was not only the perfect match for the room, but it was also something meaningful to decorate with and one of a kind! The frames the ladybug art are in were on sale for 12.50 each at Hobby Lobby. The lady bug art...priceless!

Girly Stuff asked me on my last post, how I hid the cord on the lamp sitting between the two sinks on the vanity. I have a friend that shortened the cords on all the lamps in my house that are on counters. They are all shortened just enough to where they can be plugged in with little or not slack left once the lamp is set in its place. Notice the little box that the flower arrangement is in to the right of the lamp. That little box was a souvenir I bought in Playa del Carmen. I bought it specifically to put an arrangement in for their bathroom. I love to be able to buy souvenirs that we will use, enjoy, and be reminded of a special place we visited all at the same time.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tub Time

So, Girly Stuff gave the low down on my shower treatments earlier this week. I figure it's time I at least show the rest of Baby Girl and ET's bathroom!

Starting where she left off, here again are the two panels that make up the shower curtain with a valance hanging on a separate rod above them.

Here we have a shelf. Not only is it a shelf for our little pretties, but it is our towel holder too! Instead of traditional hooks and rods you can get for hanging towels, I have tried to find unique and different ways to hang towels to dry. You will see more of those in future posts. This little shelf with glass knobs to hang Baby Girl and ET's towels came from Canton, which is like a flee market, trade days, craft show, antique smorgasbord wrapped all into one! This shelf/towel holder only set me back $20.00 and it has 2 functions for the price of one!
These are framed lady bug art that I will have to tell you more about later. You will definitely want to tune in next time for more details about this!

Here is ET & Baby Girl's double vanity. You can only see one sink in this photo, but there are for each. The lamp on the vanity is an eight year old lamp that I freshened up with a new shade from Ross for $5.99. The cute little hook holding the towel is from Anthropologie! They have clothes and many other things that are very pricey, but I stick to getting cute knobs and hooks there that you can't find anywhere else, and in small quantities the price isn't too bad for those things. There is more to tell about this bathroom, so check out future posts to read more about "Tub Time"!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rock or Sand?

This is "Home Sweet Home"! We moved into this house in June 2006, it was Father's Day weekend. We hired a floor plan designer in January 2005 to help us with the floor plan. A floor plan designer is different from an architect. Once we came up with a final floor plan we liked, we took that to an architect to get an official blue print. Finally, we hired a builder of our choice and began construction in November 2005. This entire process was absolutely fun and challenging for me! I thoroughly enjoyed the process and challenge of staying on budget and finding beautiful things for my home that didn't break the bank! I look forward to sharing some of my bargains with you in future blogs.

I will say the only thing we went over budget on was our yard, but that was my husband's thing, not mine. After all I made most all the decisions on the inside, it was his turn to get involved on the part he takes pride in most. The yard was worth every penny! My husband enjoys doing yard work, my kids enjoy playing in the yard, and of course I like for it to look great! It has also provided a great back drop for photos of the kids. I have to say those day lilies were absolutely beautiful for our spring photos this year.

Baby Girl and ET have to be the best looking thing in our yard in this photo!!! As I sit here and type this blog and reflect back on building our house, I am reminded of the the scripture in Matthew 7:24 about the wise and foolish builders. The foolish builder builds his house on sand and the wise builder builds his house on a rock. The scripture is not talking about an actual "house" here. It is using "house" as metaphor to reference our "life". You can substitute the word "house" for "life" and discover its real meaning and how it relates to you. In the past year I have expecienced a storm in my "life" and becuase my "house"/"life" was built on a rock (Christ Jesus) I have been able to survive the storm. If I had built my "house"/"life" on sand, I would not be standing today, I would have been demolished by the storm. I will say, it hasn't been easy, but it has been worth the challenge and effort it took to build my "house" on a rock. Is your "house" built on rock or sand?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thirty and Counting

I turned "30" this year! My husband threw me a party! Of course, being the OCD party planner I am, I actually planned it myself. He just "glady" paid for it. Needless to say, it was the party of the year! I always get to plan parties for other people and they are always so cute and fun. I wanted to actually plan my own cute and fun party for once!

This year the black and white damask with a burst of pink accent has been everywhere I look. I have always loved black and white together and I love pink too. When I saw the combination of the three I knew that would be my theme for my party. My husband was even a good sport and went along with the theme and wore pink and black for me. He is always willing to take one for the team!

This is my friend "Girly Stuff" she just introduced me to blogging. We have been been freinds for 10 years. We share a lot of the same interests (spending time with God, family, decorating, shopping, crafting, fashion, and self preservation). She came to my party too! It was a great evening with an intimate gathering of 30 friends and family. I have learned a lot about life in my last 30 years. Looking back on my first 30 years, I wouldn't trade anything I have experienced (good or bad). It has all shaped who I am today! As I look ahead, I am looking forward to what the years ahead of me hold. Have you ever tried planning your own party?
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