Friday, October 24, 2008

Scooby Doo Party

So E.T. and Baby Girl turned "5" on the October 16th. I can't believe they are a whole hand old now :( They were born at 8:53am and 9:09am. E.T. was born first and 16 minutes later Baby Girl was born. This year they wanted a Scooby Doo party. So, come on in the front door and see what we did for our 5th birthday party.

So, when you got to the party, you were greeted by the front door with balloons mixed with our fall decor and a sign telling you to come on in and head to the backyard for the party fun.

Here is my antique buffet that displayed a cute photo of the kids, a copy of the party invitation, and two sign in sheets.

Every party we have I always have out two sign in sheets. There is one for each kid's scrapbook. I think it is fun to look back at the sign in sheets in their scrapbooks and see who came to their birthday party.

As you come through the entry and pass through the living room to go out to the party on the back porch, you can see all my balloon bouquets through the windows just inviting you to come on outside and check the party out.

Now that you are on the porch you see the snack table, cake table, and half of Ethan and Emma's head table.

Another view of the snack table, cake table, and head table.

Here is our Scooby Doo cake (yummy) I had it made at a favorite local bakery. Same place my 30th birthday cake came from this year.

Here is E.T. and Baby Girl's individual bone cakes. I like to give them little cakes of their own since they have to share a birthday. At least they don't have to share their cake.

Here is a cute little antique porcelain top table and bench that I pulled out of the garage to use for our gift table. To the right of the table are two baskets with party favors in them! Found the cutest Scooby Doo bubble bath to add to the party favor bags. I just love themed stuff!

As you step off the back porch and into the yard you see the guest tables set up with colored table cloths, mums covered with colored burlap and a balloon. I also had small little plates with graham cracker bone shaped Scooby Snacks to munch on. Off to the right of the picture we have a mystery machine Daddy helped me to make for kids to take photos behind.

Here is a closeup photo of the Mystery Machine and inside you find 4 of the gang members with a guest. My brother-in-law, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew dressed up as Scooby and part of the gang last year for Halloween, so I convinced them to pull out the costumes and be part of our entertainment. Not sure how many more years the kids will indulge me with a combined party, so every year could be our last, but no matter, it's always just as much fun for me planning it as it is for them the day of. Do you like to plan parties?


Girly Stuff said...

It all turned out so nice! I love the Mystery Machine! It was nice of them to dress could never have talked me into that!

Happy B-day ET and Baby Girl!

Woman Interrupted said...

I do love to entertain but find myself working rather than enjoying my party. Maybe you could provide tips on that issue.

The scrap book page is a great idea. We used a picture mat and had everyone sign it last year, but maybe we'll use the scrapbook idea next time around.

LOVED all the cute touches!

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