Monday, November 3, 2008

Swatches Come To Life

Here is another room I worked on for my Dad. This is his step daughter's room. They gave me an idea of the colors they wanted in the room and we went from there. So, after collecting fabric swatches at the fabric store (Interior Fabrics), these in the picture above are what we narrowed down too. Then I picked a paint color for them to have the room painted and I took the fabric swatches to the seamstress to get a yardage estimate and labor estimate. Finally, ordered the fabric and about 6 weeks later. . . .

Presto-change-o! Here you see the life that has been breathed into the tiny little fabric swatches I started with. While the seamstress was working, I was shopping for pillow forms, accessories, etc. Look at the cute little bench I found at Ross and had the seamstress recover to match the headboard that she made. She made the duvet cover reversible. The reverse side is the same fabric we used for the shower curtain you will see later. . .

All accessories you see were found at Ross or Marshall's. To the left of the dresser, there is a bulletin board I covered with fabric scraps we had. To the right of the dresser there is a flat screen T.V. hanging on the wall. We used a brown cord cover from Hobby Lobby to cover the ugly wires hanging down from it.

We made the drapes out of a smooth silk. They are lined and interlined to add extra body to the fabric. There is also cute tassel trim on the inside edge of the panels.

Here is the bathroom shower curtain I had made out of the fabric from the reverse side of the duvet cover.

Here is a picture of the really pretty tassel trim we put at the top of the shower curtain to give it a little something special. This shower curtain hangs from a curtain rod just like we hung the drapes in her bedroom on. It really gives it a more elegant finish. So, there you have it. . . that is just one of the other rooms I did for my Dad this summer . . . more rooms to show you later.


Girly Stuff said...

This is my favorite room you've done. The fabrics and colors are great!

Nice job!

Woman Interrupted said...

The room is beautiful! You are very talented in the art of design.

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