Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Pajama Party & Shots

Wednesday night the Bunko girls all got together to enjoy each others company, good food, and celebrate the season. We used to all gather once a month to play Bunko. However, about 18 months ago we quit officially playing Bunko and we now just get together to catch up and hang out. (Shhh. . . don't tell our spouses that there is not really any Bunko going on!)

Forgive me for this small picture. I got it e-mailed to me on my iphone and sent the picture to my regular e-mail and this is the size it ended up. . .I stink at computer stuff! Anyway, let me introduce the gang from left to right going around the table. . .Miss Priss (me), Church Lady, Number Cruncher, Aggie Momma, Baby Momma, & Lady Raider. There were a few girls who couldn't make it, but were there in spirit! By the way the this was a pajama Christmas party, that's why we are all in our pajamas :)

If you noticed in the title of this post it mentioned "shots". I hate to disappoint you, but it wasn't those kind of "shots" at our party! The shot at the party was just as fun though because it was the mark of a day of celebration for our dear friend, Baby Momma. You see, Baby Momma has been trying for several years to become pregnant and just hours before our Christmas Pajama Party, she found out she was pregnant!!! We were all so excited. In the early stages of her pregnancy she has to have a nightly shot, and she needed a volunteer at the party to do it! I was the first one to volunteer! I have never given a shot before and it was an honor to do this for Baby Momma!
As our celebrating of the season and Baby Momma's news went on that night, several of us had brought small gifts for Baby Mama to congratulate her! Lady Raider bought this ornament for Baby Momma about two years ago and has been saving it for this day ever since. . .

I purchased this book in late January of this year when we thought that we were going to get the news that Baby Momma was pregnant then. However everything is in God's timing and not our own so, I didn't get to give it to her then! Yet, in God's perfect timing and plan, on Wednesday night, I was finally able to gift this book to her. . .
Aggie Momma brought her first package of diapers and froggy bath toys (One momma frog and two baby frogs. . . you never know, there could be two buns in the oven!) So, there you have it! This quite possibly could be the least fussy party I have been to all season and yet it turned out to be the most fun and memorable! Congratulations Baby Momma, we love you!


Girly Stuff said...

I'm very happy for her! I'll be praying for her little bun in the oven!

So are you going to give her the shot every night?

baby momma said...

Thanks, Miss Priss, for the best Christmas Party, ever! You and the other Prayer Goddesses have been such a strong support for me for the last 4 years. Thanks, again!

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