Wednesday, December 10, 2008

North Pole Express & Gaylord Texan "ICE"

So, last Friday we took the kids to Grapevine, Texas to ride the North Pole Express. It was the cutest thing. They had all the train cars decorated for Christmas and played "Polar Express" music pretty much the entire time. They even had Santa show up on our train ride to the North Pole!

Our tickets were even punched by the conductor just like in the movie!
E.T. and Baby Girl loved every minute of our 30 minute North Pole Express ride!

After the North Pole Express we went on over to the Gaylord Texan Resort with some friends to see "ICE" .

Everything you see in this exhibit is made out of ice and the temperature in 9 degrees below zero. We had to wear parkas that they provided over our regular jackets. Baby Girl got lost from us for a few minutes and when we found her, she was crying and her tears were almost frozen :(

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Girly Stuff said...

That looks like fun! You guys are almost unrecognizable in the parkas.

Check you out in your Uggs...the jeans look just right!

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