Monday, December 22, 2008

Shallow But Classy

I know this post has to be quite shallow. However, I just have to pay tribute and say goodbye to a classy store that I often enjoyed over the years. . .

With the recent economic crisis in America, we have had to say goodbye to many stores we have loved over the years. I am very sad to say, Harold's is one of those stores that is going out of business. This has been one of my favorite clothing stores over the years. For those of you that may not know, Harold's began in 1948 with only men's clothing and expanded over the years to offer women's clothing. It offered stylish updated classic clothing, for men and woman, that I enjoyed over the years (Only off the sale rack though!) I am sad to see it go, but over the weekend while I was out of town, I was able to visit a Harold's for one last time and grab a few bargains for myself to enjoy over the next several years! Farewell, Harold's! Are there any stores you have been sad to see go?


Girly Stuff said...

I will shed real tears if Ann Taylor Loft goes out of business. I don't know what I will wear besides my Walmart warm up suits.

I always loved Harold's huge sales at the Astrohall.

Gladys said...

I LOVE that dress. I guess I miss the Old Josky stores that went out years ago and of course there was Minter's and Grissoms that were big in my home town. I don't care for malls and big chain stores. My favorite store that recently went out was a small one called Pank's. It was a boutique with all types of cute stuff cheap. Did I say they were cheap?

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