Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthday Week

Many years ago my husband started doing sweet things for me each day during my birthday week! Some years it is just small gifts or gestures each day and other years it has been quite large gifts or gestures! Each time is always unique and special in its on way.

On Monday, he started the week of with this beautiful ivy! I love ivy!

On Tuesday, he gave me a bag of Hot Tamales and made a little note to go with it that said "You Are My Hot Tamale."
On Wednesday day he picked me up a hot chocolate on his way home from work (I don't drink coffee.) He wrote on the jacket of the cup "You Are Like Hot Chocolate, Hot And Sweet!"

On Thursday, before he left for work at 6:40am, he put out my cereal bowl, spoon, cereal, and some trash magazines I love, People Magazine, and US Magazine. He is not crazy about me buying them periodically when I go through the grocery store line, so I don't do it often. This time he bought them for me! It's too sweet! Isn't it?

Next to the cereal bowl, the had this not. I think you can read it on here. . . if not, here it is "Always wonder if I am going to see you in one of these magazines. Your so beautiful, you would fit right in! Have a wonderful day!. . . ." Talk about melt your butter! He melts my butter when he writes stuff like this! You should read my four page handwritten love letter I got on Valentine's Day!

On Friday my surprise was a limo ride to a really yummy steakhouse between the town we live in and Dallas. I was totally shocked when I walked out the door and saw the limo waiting for us! He is so creative with the little things and the big things he does for me. Little did I know though, there was more surprise to come. I went to get into the limo and there were two of my sweetest friends and one of the husbands. The other husband had a conflict and sadly couldn't join us! There was also chilled wine, and some birthday gifts waiting for me! :)

This picture is blurry, but you can tell I was really surprised to see the girls when I got in the car! I was so not expecting that! My sweetheart really pulled one over on me! He is so good with surprises!

I think there is a photo of us sitting just like this in a limo almost 13 years ago when we got married! :)

O.K. today I am giving my husband another name besides Daddy. Let's call him Hot Stuff for obvious reasons! He is HOT! At least I think so! :)

The Girls: Reba (we call her that because of her red hair and singing voice), Miss Priss (me), & Mother Hen (she takes real good care of all her little chickens)

Yum!!! My favorite Strawberry Margarita! I figured I deserve the calories, it's my birthday!

Yummy cheesecake waiting for me to eat it! One candle, that's right! I am just mature for my age! :)
They always say "Make a wish!" I can't say I ever really do! I think all I am worried about usually is getting to the cake cutting part so I can have a bite! I honestly don't think I need to make a wish for something or to change anything. . . I am thankful to be who I am, where I am, and for what I have! Be is good, bad, ugly, challenging, heartbreaking, or whatever, I am thankful for it all! Everything up to this point in my 31 years has made me who I am! I love what Psalm 139:14 says "I will give thanks to You for I am fearful and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.

On Saturday, the day before my actual birthday, we had plans to eat out with some of my family and my in-laws. My treat for that day was E.T. and Baby Girl helping Daddy make me a yummy birthday cake!

As I looked at my cake with 31 candles, I thought now might be a good time to get a fire extinguisher to keep on hand! It looks like these flames were too bright for Baby Girl's eyes. Poor thing she had to close them it looks like because the light was so bright! :)

I guess now you are wondering what did I get or do so fabulous on my actual birthday on Sunday! Well, I did nothing really! Went to church, ate lunch at the regular dive, came home and chilled by catching up on "Dancing With The Stars" and "Grey's Anatomy"! To me that is something! That's the simple life right there!
I just have to say give my man a round of applause! He is so creative and really knows how to make a girl feel special! I am so blessed to have him as my husband! If you only knew the garbage he puts up with! I don't deserve such a man, but I am going to thank God for him and enjoy every bit of him!

All in all it was a fabulous 31st birthday! Every day in life gets sweeter with my family and in my relationship with God! What more could a girl want or ask for!


Girly Stuff said...

Looks like a great week!! My fave was the cereal and magazines!

Let's up the ante on him and say...birthday month???

Happy Belated Miss Priss!

Windy said...

WOW! If all husbands were that thoughtful, there would be no divorce!:)
Happy Birthday a little late!

Liz said...

Awesome!! Tell your hubby GOOD JOB! (not sure if you want to post his name on here, so I'm not typing it out!!) Happy (late) birthday!

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