Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beach Vacation

So, this summer we took a family vacation to Navarre Beach, Fl with my husband's entire family! There were 14 of us, 8 adults and 6 kids! We stayed in a townhouse on the beach that was 2400 square feet 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths!

This is the view from my room!

We didn't eat out at all! My sister-in-law meal planned for us and cooked almost all of the meals!

Our room!

The kids loved the beach!

Looking for seashells!

Just what the doctor ordered for my husband!

The boys dug holes every single day!

Kite flying on the beach!

A visit to the Gulfarium near Destin!

We hired a photographer to take all of our pictures on the beach! So, I took a picture of him taking our pictures! :) Can't wait to get the pictures back from him they
turned out much better than mine!

The entire group waiting for our group shot!

Uncle Steve caught a shark off the shore where we were playing!

Simple sand castle!

Headed to the National Naval Aviation Museum! See the truck in the photo! Half of our group was in that truck! Notice the picture below. . .

. . . the entire group ended up in my car because my sister-in-law had her handgun in her truck. You can't take a handgun on a Naval base! So, we had to go park their truck down the street and then attempt to go on base to get to the museum! Never a dull moment with this crew!

Getting ready to watch the Blue Angels practice at Pensacola Beach!

To sum it all up! This was a great vacation! 7 days of doing pretty much nothing! It was one of our favorite trips ever and one of our cheapest ones ever! I think this should be a annual trip!


Girly Stuff said...

That looks like tons of fun! The beach is so pretty!

I admire the meal planning for that many people!

Magic Brush said...

Gorgeous!!!!!!!! I need a beach right now!

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