Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thirty and Counting

I turned "30" this year! My husband threw me a party! Of course, being the OCD party planner I am, I actually planned it myself. He just "glady" paid for it. Needless to say, it was the party of the year! I always get to plan parties for other people and they are always so cute and fun. I wanted to actually plan my own cute and fun party for once!

This year the black and white damask with a burst of pink accent has been everywhere I look. I have always loved black and white together and I love pink too. When I saw the combination of the three I knew that would be my theme for my party. My husband was even a good sport and went along with the theme and wore pink and black for me. He is always willing to take one for the team!

This is my friend "Girly Stuff" she just introduced me to blogging. We have been been freinds for 10 years. We share a lot of the same interests (spending time with God, family, decorating, shopping, crafting, fashion, and self preservation). She came to my party too! It was a great evening with an intimate gathering of 30 friends and family. I have learned a lot about life in my last 30 years. Looking back on my first 30 years, I wouldn't trade anything I have experienced (good or bad). It has all shaped who I am today! As I look ahead, I am looking forward to what the years ahead of me hold. Have you ever tried planning your own party?


Girly Stuff said...

What a rockin' blog! I so have planned my own party before! If we don't do it, who will?

Girl Stuff said...

Where is your new ding dang post?

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