Monday, August 25, 2008

Rock or Sand?

This is "Home Sweet Home"! We moved into this house in June 2006, it was Father's Day weekend. We hired a floor plan designer in January 2005 to help us with the floor plan. A floor plan designer is different from an architect. Once we came up with a final floor plan we liked, we took that to an architect to get an official blue print. Finally, we hired a builder of our choice and began construction in November 2005. This entire process was absolutely fun and challenging for me! I thoroughly enjoyed the process and challenge of staying on budget and finding beautiful things for my home that didn't break the bank! I look forward to sharing some of my bargains with you in future blogs.

I will say the only thing we went over budget on was our yard, but that was my husband's thing, not mine. After all I made most all the decisions on the inside, it was his turn to get involved on the part he takes pride in most. The yard was worth every penny! My husband enjoys doing yard work, my kids enjoy playing in the yard, and of course I like for it to look great! It has also provided a great back drop for photos of the kids. I have to say those day lilies were absolutely beautiful for our spring photos this year.

Baby Girl and ET have to be the best looking thing in our yard in this photo!!! As I sit here and type this blog and reflect back on building our house, I am reminded of the the scripture in Matthew 7:24 about the wise and foolish builders. The foolish builder builds his house on sand and the wise builder builds his house on a rock. The scripture is not talking about an actual "house" here. It is using "house" as metaphor to reference our "life". You can substitute the word "house" for "life" and discover its real meaning and how it relates to you. In the past year I have expecienced a storm in my "life" and becuase my "house"/"life" was built on a rock (Christ Jesus) I have been able to survive the storm. If I had built my "house"/"life" on sand, I would not be standing today, I would have been demolished by the storm. I will say, it hasn't been easy, but it has been worth the challenge and effort it took to build my "house" on a rock. Is your "house" built on rock or sand?

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Girly Stuff said...

Love it! Baby Girl and ET are lookin' good! Thank God for our rock so we don't have to use sand!

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