Friday, August 29, 2008

Tub Time

So, Girly Stuff gave the low down on my shower treatments earlier this week. I figure it's time I at least show the rest of Baby Girl and ET's bathroom!

Starting where she left off, here again are the two panels that make up the shower curtain with a valance hanging on a separate rod above them.

Here we have a shelf. Not only is it a shelf for our little pretties, but it is our towel holder too! Instead of traditional hooks and rods you can get for hanging towels, I have tried to find unique and different ways to hang towels to dry. You will see more of those in future posts. This little shelf with glass knobs to hang Baby Girl and ET's towels came from Canton, which is like a flee market, trade days, craft show, antique smorgasbord wrapped all into one! This shelf/towel holder only set me back $20.00 and it has 2 functions for the price of one!
These are framed lady bug art that I will have to tell you more about later. You will definitely want to tune in next time for more details about this!

Here is ET & Baby Girl's double vanity. You can only see one sink in this photo, but there are for each. The lamp on the vanity is an eight year old lamp that I freshened up with a new shade from Ross for $5.99. The cute little hook holding the towel is from Anthropologie! They have clothes and many other things that are very pricey, but I stick to getting cute knobs and hooks there that you can't find anywhere else, and in small quantities the price isn't too bad for those things. There is more to tell about this bathroom, so check out future posts to read more about "Tub Time"!


Girl Stuff said...
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Girly Stuff said...

I love that bathroom! I didn't know the ladybug prints had significance! See how helpful blogging is! How did you hide the lamp cord?

Girly Stuff said...

I tagged my blog about 6 unimportant things...

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