Thursday, September 11, 2008

Authentic or Imitation

Looks like I am going to have to take a break from posting about my closet retreat because Girly Stuff invited me to crash The Nester's P.O.O.P.I.E. party with her! I do love myself a good P.O.O.P.I.E. party!

Let's PARTY!!! So, in order to crash this party I have to show all my fake arrangements in the house right now. I really don't have a ton of them simply because I am OCD about the dust. I have to really like them to have them around.

I do love myself some fall colors. I found this one the other day at Ross for only $12.99. I thought it was not a bad price for the size of it. It is on my coffee table for this season.

I found this little pumpkin cutie at Marshalls this past weekend. It was only $9.99. It is on my buffet in the entry for this season. My 4 year old E.T. was with me and was helping me pick out some really great pumpkins that day and he latched onto this one because it was a pumpkin with flowers on it. He really liked it and because he liked it, I found a place in my heart and my house for it too.

This arrangement sits behind the couch on a sofa table. Someone I knew made it for me.

This little arrangement, I blogged about in an earlier post. It sits on E.T. and Baby Girl's vanity in their bathroom. The little box was a souvenir from vacation one year and someone I knew made the little arrangement for it.

This wreath has been in the family for 8 years. Yes, you read that right, 8 years and yes, it does have eucalyptus in it. I can't part with it! I still love it! There is a business called Always Unique that is at Canton, Dallas Market, and other shows. It's headquarters are in a town near where I live. These people are patients at my husband's office and this is the first piece I had them make for me. The next several pieces are more current works. Always Unique has moved way past the wreath arrangements in recent years. The owner even suggested I give it up, but I still like it!

A greenery arrangement made by Always Unique. This is on top of a cabinet in my
bathroom. Not a huge greenery fan, but this has brown tones in it like I like. Maybe it should call it brownery. . .

Made by Always Unique. This is on a round skirted table in my bedroom.

This is on my dining room table and it too was made by Always Unique.

Last one in the house. This sits on a small round barley twist table between two antique iron beds in my guest bedroom. Yes, this too was made by Always Unique. That is all I have for you. Maybe I will get back to my closet retreat for the next post. Until then. . .


Denise K. said...

Hi! I was just stopping by after seeing you link at the "Nester's!" Happy Fall! Just a little, "Hello" from Colorado!

Girly Stuff said...

I didn't realize how many arrangements you had! I like them all...the pumpkin ones are super cute!

RoBiN said...

Walking thru your door, courtesy of the Nester's Poopie Party...and your stuffs looked great! No complaints from me!
I'm about to SprayPaint MY stuff! I wonder how that would look?
Keep up the nice work!

Jennifer said...

What in the world is a POOPIE party?

Mom in High Heels said...

Holy cow! You have huge POOPIES! :) LOL! Thanks for crashing and sharing.

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