Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hanging Tough

These are my clear plastic hangers. These are some of my very best closet friends. It has taken me two years to convert all of my hangers to these. I love the uniformity of having all the same hangers. I know you will think I am crazy, but I even swap out the hangers on the clothes when they come home from the cleaners. In my opinion they hang better when they are not on a wire hanger. I buy these wonderful friends in bulk at The Container Store. I have even recently converted E.T. and Baby Girl 's clothes to these hangers. Now the entire family's wardrobe hangs on these. There are many hangers out there on the market to buy. I chose these because they fit best in my budget and allowed me to unify the entire closet in a shorter amount of time, not like two years is a short amount of time, but it would have taken me 6 to get all wooden hangers.

I pretty much hang everything. There are very few things I do not hang, you will see these things in a later post. When you first walk into my closet, to the left is my side. The first two racks are short hang. The above photo shows the bottom rack. It starts with tank tops, sweatshirts, jogging suits, short, skirts. Each section is color coordinated. Going from light to dark.

This is the rack above the tanks, sweatshirts, etc. Up here you will find all tops coordinated from light to dark.

Still on the left side (my side) of the closet at the back, you will find one rack of long hang. Here I hang my jeans, capris, and dresses. Again, each section is color coordinated.

Above the long hang in the back of the closet, there is a short hang rack. This rack has blazers and coats that are used very little where I live.

On the right side of the closet at the back, is my husband's clothes. He has two racks of short hang. This rack has his shirts. He organizes them in two sections. He has short sleeve and long sleeve. Then he color coordinates them with in those sections.

My husbands second rack of short hang has his scrubs, sweatshirts, pants, and shorts.
We do hang his scrubs togeher as a set using the wire cardboard hanger for them. So, we use 8 wire cardboard hangers still.

Well, there you have it. That's how the hanging clothes are organized. The kids closets are pretty much the same. In my opinion there is not a right or wrong way. Just come up with a method that works for you or take one of my ideas. Either way, an organized closet makes daily life easier in many ways. I know some of you are thinking that my closet is maybe bigger than yours and so it is easier for me to keep organized. However, this is how my closets have always looked even when they were 1/8 of this size. When the closets were smaller, I had to purge more often than I do now and really just keep what I really wore on a regular basis in my closet. Things I hadn't touched in a year or two to my body always had to be tossed to the give away, garage sale, or Goodwill boxes. I also had to rotate fall/winter and spring/summer. I used to not be able to house it all at one time in my closet like I can now. Check out future posts for other ways I organize my closet retreat. How do you organize your hanging clothes?


Girly Stuff said...

You are awesomely crazy! I am so going to color coordinate now...i also chunk all wire hangers periodically and go with the plastic hangers...i keep fall/winter and spring/summer separated...unfortunately these clothes start to overlap a little

Cottage Chick said...

Miss Priss!! You are the queen of organization that I long to be. I actually did ditch my wire hangers a few years ago in place of plastic with my husband thinking I had lost my mind!! I think a purge is definitely what I need right now!!!

Renner Romig said...

After I read the title of this blog it reminded me to tell you that I thought about you all "Knight" last "night"! Wendy & I went to the New Kids on the Block concert in Houston last night. I kept thinking...oh we can't like Jordan because that's Karrie's man. After all you were Mrs. Karrie Knight. I found old notes from school a few months ago that you had written me and you had signed your name that way. ha ha ha Good times...good times! So funny.

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