Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beautiful Feet

. . . "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15

I would so love to use this scripture as a defense for having great shoes, but I am sure that is not what this scripture means! :) I am quite certain this scripture is talking about those people who spread the good news of Christ's great sacrifice and love for us. It doesn't mean that the beautiful feet are just the feet of missionaries, pastors, etc. It actually applies to everyday ordinary people like you and me. We can bring this good news to people at the grocery store, dry cleaners, beauty salon, post office, work, etc. So, as you ponder this thought about beautiful feet, let's go back to my closet retreat and see I organize the hardware for my "beautiful feet". . .

So, here is how is organize my shoes. I use boxes I have bought by the case at The Container Store. Most of our shoes are in boxes. Some people label the outside of their shoe boxes and some take polaroids to tape the the outside of the box. I just put the shoes in there and look at the end of the clear box to know what is in there. The reason I do not use the labeling or the photo labeling method is because I purge and merge every now and then, so the shoes end up changing boxes etc. I just find this is the way that works best for me.

In this photo towards the bottom you can see my husband has a larger shoebox for men's shoes. Above the athletic shoes are the women's shoe boxes. All of these can be bought individually or by the case at The Container Store.

Many of my boxes have more than one pair of shoes in them, especially if the shoes are not bulky like these. This particular box is an older box from The Container Store. This was the box they sold before they patented their very own box with their logo on it. This box is a tiny bit wider than the newer ones, however it is very easy to get more than one non bulky pair in the newer boxes.

On the bottom few shelves you can see my boot boxes from The Container Store. I am able to put two pair of short boots in 1 box together. In some of these photos you see shoes out of boxes and the reason is because it is time to purge and merge. In this photo you can see I have a shelf that has some personal photos, a cell phone charger plug, and an iHome. I have photos in several places in my closet and my I love to listen to music when I am in the closet/bathroom area. So, my iHome allows me to listen to my ipod or the radio and it also where I can charge my ipod when not in use. Well, there you have it. . . this is how I organize my shoes in my closet retreat. I have two questions for you. . . How do you organize your shoes and more importantly do you make the best use of your "beautiful feet" everywhere you go?


Jennifer said...

I really love that verse, thank you for sharing it. Also love the shoe organization. I do believe that is one that I'm going to do when we return to the states.

Girly Stuff said...

I like your shoe organization...I remember when you were pregnant and nesting you started the clear box thing...my how it has evolved...I am glad you shared your closet...it is my next project for sure!

Ruby Ruth said...

Love the organization. I am inspired

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