Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last Visit To My Closet Retreat

Well, here is the last little bit to blog about in my closet retreat. . .

Yes, that is a McDreamy doll in his scrubs. Took him to the hospital with me when I had surgery last November. Everyone should have their own personal Dr. with them at all times! I also have my Oscar I recieved when I went to Hollywood this summer. . . it's for best all around woman (mistakes and all). Last, but not least, I have my tiara! Every princess needs one of these to remind herself that she is a child of the King.

Here we have pegboard. We have this mounted on either side of the window in our closet. We put pegboard hooks up to hang belts, scarves, hats, etc. You can find pegboard and pegboard hooks at Lowes or any other local hardware store.

Here I am showing you that I stuff all my purses that are not in use with paper before I store them on the shelf. This helps them to keep their shape just like it was when you first brought it home from the store.

I always keep a removable hamper bag in my closet for dirty dry cleaning clothes. When it fills up, off it goes to the cleaners. To the left of the hamper you see my extra ironing board. I keep one in the utility and one in my closet. Nice to have it handy when you need it. The extra iron is stored on a shelf above that is not pictured.

Yes, this is a steamer I purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a 20% off coupon. There are some things that are just not meant for the iron to touch, I learned that the hard way. . . melted some really cool pants with an iron one Easter Sunday morning :-( Never gonna have that happen again now that I have my handy dandy steamer!

Valet hooks are a must have, This one is right by the door in my closet. I hang my clothes for the next day there. When I am packing for a trip I pile everything up there. When I bring home clothes from the cleaners I hang them there and sort them to their spots from there. I sometimes hang my coat there or even my purse or a bag. It has tons of uses. I got this cute one at Anthropologie.

This is a valet hook that I got at Lowes, It stores all my robs on it. It hangs on the side of my purse shelves. What is it Bugs Bunny would say?. . . That's all folks!!!


Girly Stuff said...

I really like the valet hooks...and I was thinking about moving the steamer to my closet...does it mess with the carpet? I thought that was the husband sitting on your shelf at first!

Girly Stuff said...

Is your power out? I need a new post from you PRONTO!

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