Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Been A While. . .

So, it has been a while since Miss Priss posted! I have good reasons for it!
Right after Christmas we headed out off to Keystone to go skiing for a week. This was E.T. and Baby Girl's first time to go! They loved and we loved it too because they were in ski school for 2 days. For us that meant adult skiing and it was a blast! Soon after our return from skiing we had a few more family members come and visit us for the New Year and do a little post Christmas celebrating with some we couldn't see closer to the holiday!

Next thing you know this week got started and before I was able to ease back into a routine of taking kids to school, working out, and blogging. . . .

I had the privilege of attending a Celine Dion concert in Dallas Monday night! It was a blast!
Our seats were so close I could have spit on her, but I seriously would never do that, that would be rude, but you get the idea of how close we were :)
This was my third time to see her in my lifetime. Who knows if it will be my last. . . I sure hope not! I saw her in 1999 in San Antonio, 2004 in Las Vegas (My first trip away from my then 9 month old twins.), and of course on January 5, 2009! Next break. . .Las Vegas to see Bette Middler live at Cesars Palace. Until then, I will try to be timely with my posting and not make you wait so long to hear from me. . . I hope you had a great holiday break! Are you back in the swing of a routine yet for this new year? I am sure trying to get there!

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Girly Stuff said...

I would spit on her!

Just Kidding.

The ski trip looks like a lot of fun!

Glad you're back!

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