Monday, March 2, 2009

Mulberry Transferware

I have to say I absolutely love my Brown Transferware that I will share with you later, but I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, Love my Mulberry Transferware more! I don't have very much of it, but what I have I adore!

They call it Mulberry Transferware, but it is really a black color.

It all dates back to the late 1800's and it is harder to find than Brown Transferware and Flow Blue Transferware. I lucked out and found a lady that had downsized and needed to unload a few pieces of it! Five pieces to be exact :)


Girly Stuff said...

I like it even better than your brown transferware!

Who are these people unloading mulberry transferware? I know no people like that.

Miss Priss said...

It was a lady that had brought her stuff to the barn sale Oct 2007. I bought 1 piece then and kept waiting for her to come back to the sale. She never did! So the barn sale owner hooked me up with her in January and I bought my other 4 pieces. She has a larger pitcher left that has some major damage to it and she had a few suacers left that were a lighter mulberry. She wasn't unloading a ton a ton but enough to satisfy my itch (and what the husband was willing to buy :)

Woman Interrupted said...

very pretty!

Woman Interrupted said...

Yes its true. I never watched ER. Not one episode.

(I used to suffer through some girls at work talking about the episode from the night before, so I probably know some of the story line from 5-6 years ago.)

Girly Stuff said...

It is weird that you told me about van dykes because mom emailed me and said that is where she got her corbels too. They are definitely the best priced ones. Thanks for the tip.

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