Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pillow Parade

So, Kari & Kijsa are hosting a pillow parade that I found out about on Girly Stuff's blog. So, I decided to join the parade.

I have a ton of pillows I really love in my house for many different reasons. I just picked a few to share with you today.

This is one of two pillows like this in my guest bedroom. The quilt on this bed was made by my husband and yours truly years ago. When we moved into this house we had a seamstress turn the quilts into duvet covers and in the process I had her tear apart two shams I had made with this center hidden star and make two new shams using scrap fabric from the drapes and bedskirt! I really love this one and I love that there is an identical one to it on the bed beside it! Twice the enjoyment! :)

Now this is one of the pillows on my couch in my living room! I love it too because it has scrap fabric from the shower curtain in my guest bathroom on the back side, scrap fabric from the curtains in that living room, scrap fabric from chairs I had reupholstered in my bedroom, and I ordered a yard of the fabric my couch was made out of and that fabric is on there too! I also like that it have our family monogram on it!

This one is in the living room too in a recliner and it has the same scrap fabrics on it just all arranged differently!

The big euro pillow in the back in this picture is on of Baby Girl's three euros. This one I like because it is different than the other two and it has her monogram on it! I also love the little rose flower pillow that was $6 at Ross! :)

I really like all of Baby Girl's pillows on her bed so here they all are for you to see! In case you are wondering my 5 year old is trained to put her pillows on her bed exactly like this! She is a natural!


philben5 said...

Love your parade of pillow! Hope to see more next week.

kari and kijsa said...

Ypur pillows are beautiful!! Love, love all the monograms!! And baby girls bed is so sweet! thanks for joining in! We are going to do a follow-up one next Tuesday, so join in again if you would like!
kari & kijsa

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

OH MY GOSH!! I LOVE ALL YOUR PILLOWS!.. hehehehehe.. they are so beautiful and so matchy matchy..

imjacobsmom said...

Good for you! Your daughter is trained well! Her bed is adorable! ~ Robyn

Girly Stuff said...

They all look great! I like Baby Girl's the best!

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