Monday, April 20, 2009

The Gresham Barn Sale & Cookie Crumbs

Time and time again I have referred to the "Barn Sale" when telling you where I have gotten some of my favorite home decor. The Gresham Barn Sale happens twice a year in this area. It is in the Spring and in the Fall. It only lasts for 3 days! I love it! This mom and daughter host it every time in their families barn! It's a ton of fun! Well, I went again. This time I found something for my sweet tooth.

These two ladies that host the sale in their barn, allow antique vendors to have a booth and also, a there are usually a few rare vendors that offer tasty treats! There is this lady locally that makes these fabulous cookies they are beautiful and not only are they beautiful, they are HUGE and soft too! If you like Cookie Bouquet, they put those cookies to shame. Here is the best part! These flower cookies you see above are only. . . $1.00 each! I know you are in shock! Pick your jaw up for this next info, most all of her custom cookies are under $2.00! They are all adorable! Check out her Cookie Crumbs designer cookies to see how cute they all are!
Oh, and maybe you are wondering if I found me any sassy treasures for my house. . . I sure did but maybe I will share them another time :)


Girly Stuff said...

They look too pretty to eat!

Can't wait to see your pics of barn sale ware.

Woman Interrupted said...

I love hearing about a good cottage industry like that! I'll have to check her out and see if she ships. Cant wait to see your treasure finds.

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