Wednesday, April 1, 2009

T-Ball Couture

I couldn't help but take a picture of this at E.T. & Baby Girl's first t-ball game! In my opinion there are so many things wrong in this picture on so many different levels! First of all we live in a day and age where we do not travel by horse anymore everywhere we go! So, why would someone need to wear spurs in public anyway! Secondly, he has his pants tucked in his cute little decorative boots! Maybe someone forgot to tell him that he wasn't wearing UGGs! I guess he is wanting us to see the nice design on the top of them or maybe he's a little brokeback? Lastly, he is wearing them to a t-ball game for crying out loud! I know anything goes these days, but really??? So, what is your idea of t-ball couture? I guess you can tell mine is definitely not cowboy boots or at least not cowboy boots with spurs!!! All I can say is only in East Texas!!


Girly Stuff said...

T-ball looks like it's off to an interesting start!

Do you have your Baseball Mom shirt??

Woman Interrupted said...

Agreed...It looks Brokeback!

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